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What we offer

Our School Nurses are able to work within schools and provide intensive services. 

Having onsite support regularly is hugely beneficial to schools. It saves time, provides specialist support and ensures pupils, parents and staff have access to expert nurse advice without the distractions of nurses having to fulfil other commitments and to cancel sessions at short notice. Schools that pay for onsite nurse time can schedule work for their nurse to cover their unique needs.


This may be meeting with parents to offer behaviour support for their children, it may be a medical opinion at Early Help Assessment meetings, advice around health issues, training staff to manage children with health conditions, care planning, medicines management, working directly with children to assess their needs etc. This is a completely bespoke service for schools so can be tailored specifically for each school.

We are qualified to support you with developing your compulsory PSHE curriculum in line with the government's strategy for implementation in schools by 2020.  We can also offer Solihull parenting workshops for groups of parents to learn about brain development and how to build a resilient child. 


As a team we offer services to schools at a competitive hourly rate allowing schools to tailor their needs against their budgets. Our service is an appropriate use of funding such as pupil premium in that it is providing direct support to pupils to fulfil their potential and address inequalities.


All staff are DBS checked, fully insured and hold specialist qualifications. They have up to date safeguarding training and follow LSCB pathways.

Blocks of Specialist nursing time can be used for any purpose and a mix of purposes. 

We offer one to one work with young people about their​ mental health, self harm, low mood, risk taking, identity, gender, self esteem, physical health, sex and relationships, smoking, alcohol, confidence, bullying, family issues, bereavement and other related issues.

We can refer on if necessary to CAMHS/ CYPS, Community Paediatrician, Paediatric Occupational Health, SALT, GP and other services will be made if indicated after assessment.

We can work with parents around managing their child's emotions and behaviour.

We offer Solihull Parenting Groups.

If you would like to discuss how we can work together in your school please get in touch