Multi-ethnic group of schoolchildren on

What do you do? We work in schools locally for agreed weekly blocks of hours on set days. For the hours we are in school we are available to carry out any health based work required. This may be one to one sessions with pupils, parents, supporting teachers to manage difficult behaviours, assessment and referrals to other services, lessons as part of SRE, managing healthcare plans for pupils with a health need, medicines management, supporting with staff training, classroom observation and early identification of issues and many other ways we can support your school.


What skills do you have? In a nutshell, experience and qualifications. The team have decades of experience in the community visiting schools to support them with children's mental, behavioural or physical health issues. They have helped to change the outlook of hundreds of families to make school and family life happier, calmer and less frustrating. 

Why should we trust you? We are experienced School Nurses and Registered Paediatric Nurses who have worked in hospitals on Children's Wards and in the community and who have then completed or work under a nurse who has completed a Specialist BSc Degree in School Aged Children's Nursing. We are all registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and work to professional standards and the Code of Professional Conduct regulated by the NMC. We are expected to renew our Professional Registration annually and complete Revalidation every three years. If we fail to adhere to the standards of the NMC and the Code we can be removed from the Professional Register and would no longer be able to practice as Registered Nurses. This gives you the reassurance that we will always provide the best care we can, have professional integrity, and will act in the best interests of the children we work with at all times. We take this duty of care very seriously and it forms the basis of our practice and the service we offer. 

What if a pupil needs more specialist services? If, after assessment it is agreed that a child needs more targeted specialist services such as CAMHS or a Community Paediatrician we can write referrals to those services. We use the most up to date tools and NICE guidelines to inform our practice and assess each child so can provide detailed assessment and recommendations. This is important to influence the decisions of other agencies whether a child qualifies for these services.  

Do you see a child alone?  If this is the case you can be reassured that all staff have passed enhanced DBS checks which we are happy for you to see.  Work will be targeted to the child's developmental level. All staff are trained in safeguarding and will follow national safeguarding procedures at all times. If a disclosure is made then appropriate action will be taken in line with national policy. 

What is the difference between your service and the ones offered by the NHS and local council? When you employ us you get on site access to a Specialist Nurse with expert training and qualifications straight away without going through referral hubs or less qualified staff first.  Staff are based in your school and are completely focussed on the needs of your school. 

School Nurses in council and NHS services are working with high numbers of cases, low numbers of staff and are limited to what they can offer because they have other responsibilities within their organisations. They tend to have long waiting lists. Because you pay for our service at MY School Health you get the reassurance of an on site service, determining who is seen by the nurse and  no waiting times. Effectively you get what you need quickly and in a more tailored way.

How much do you charge? We charge a competitive hourly rate which we would be happy to discuss with you if you give us a call.