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Supporting pupils, teachers and parents

in school with all childhood and adolescent mental and physical health issues

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Medically trained, qualified School Nurses with expert skills in behaviour, mental health and the assessment and addressing of needs.

Providing Service Level Agreement School Nursing Services in local schools

In Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland

A new way of promoting health in schools

What schools are saying:

"balancing chances for children"

"a very cost effective service"

"Direct impact and support is exactly what we need to get pupils into school and keep them there"

"the parents are asking to see you and telling everyone else to come as well"

"Early intervention is key" 

"This service is so needed. I can't believe its taken this long"

"People prefer talking to nurses about these things"

What do we do? We work in schools locally for agreed weekly, fortnightly or monthly blocks of hours. For the hours we are in school we will carry out any emotional, mental or physical health based work required. This might be one to one sessions with pupils, parents, supporting teachers, managing difficult behaviours, assessment and referrals to other services, lessons as part of SRE, speech and language assessments, nurture work, healthcare plans for pupils with a health need, medicines management, supporting with staff training, classroom observation and early identification of issues and a multitude of other things we can offer.

Want to know more? 

Contact us by mobile or email and we can arrange to come into school and talk about our unique service