If a child’s behaviour is causing concern it can be difficult to know where to turn for parents. Sometimes something insignificant has had a huge impact on the child and they have changed their behaviour to prevent or provoke this happening again. Parents can be ‘too involved’ to see why the child is behaving in a certain way and it requires some expert support to assess and identify causes.


For example a child who is having sleep issues may have experienced a nightmare or imagined someone in their room and now they refuse to stay in their own bed. Sometimes they don’t even know why they are scared. They will tell their parents they miss them at night or they are too cold in their bed. Unless we understand the cause of the fear we cannot solve it. We will help the child understand why they are frightened and what they can do to change how they feel. It may be that this is through play therapy, stories, activity or using imagery. We can also support parents to help their child learn to fall asleep in their own bed and to stay there all night sleeping soundly. 

We are able to offer help with a range of behavioural issues such as diet, temper tantrums, anxiety, friendships, self esteem, confidence, risk taking and aggression. 

Most issues are resolvable with commitment and work within the family but if we feel an issue is more complicated and has additional factors we will refer your child to other services such as Educational Psychology 

Case Study

David (aged 5) was causing difficulties at home because of his anger and aggression towards his mum and siblings. He was also difficult at primary school and not making progress. His mum got in touch with us because she had run out of ideas. After a full assessment our nurse identified that David was responding negatively to a lack of routine and boundaries in his home. With intensive support over a few weeks, changes were made in the home and David's behaviour improved considerably. We were able to support his parents to ensure continuity and consistency in their approach. David is now much calmer and able to regulate his temper whilst remaining a spirited, imaginative little boy. 

Behavioural Issues

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